Sunday, 30 March 2014

Calmer mornings

I'll be the first to admit, mornings at my house can be a tad mental.

To begin with I am not now, nor have I ever been (and doubt I ever really will be) a morning person.

I don't jump out of bed with a spring in my step - at the moment, I roll my big prego belly out and slowly stumble down the hallway until my muscles decide to acknowledge the day.

My kids constantly bicker about who gets how much breakfast, who cleaned their teeth the best, how everything's 'not a race' and many other random argument starters.

My daughter usually complains that she doesn't like porridge, wants to wear her dress as opposed to skorts, wants to do her own hair etc etc

So the long and short of it is, mornings can be painful.

Keeping in mind that in just on two months I will have a third little person vying for my attention in the mornings, I started to think about how I might be able to create a bit of calm in the mornings and hopefully, a bit of motivated independence in my bigger kids so that when the baby arrives, they'll be able (and willing!) to get themselves ready in the mornings.

So here are a few simple things I now do to make our morning's run smoother. Hopefully they're useful for you too!

1. Create a 'launch pad' 

We have a designated corner in our lounge room that has a small white Ikea table in it. On that table each night we place uniforms, right down to the socks and undies, ready to put on for the next day. Under the table lives the school shoes (or 'day clothes' and shoes for my pre-schooler), school bags and any other item important for the next day e.g. Library bag filled with library books to be returned, school banking books, school projects or homework to be returned etc.

With all these items in plain sight and laid out ready, little one's cannot complain 'but I couldn't find my dress/socks/undies'... there's no excuse for not getting yourself dressed in the morning! I also make sure that as often as possible, each child is responsible for laying out their own gear for the next day - it adds accountability and reminds them that everything's ready, so they won't need assistance to find anything in the morning.

2. Sunday afternoon bake-fest.

Every Sunday afternoon (again where possible - if I'm travelling I catch up on Monday afternoon), I do a big bake-fest. I will make cheesy spinach scrolls (and freeze), baked lunchbox treats like muffins or home made LCM bars, peel and cut carrot and celery sticks for the week (and store in an airtight container filled with water in the fridge) and make sure the fruit bowl is stocked high and the plain additive free crackers are loaded.

3. Re-load lunch boxes each afternoon.

As soon as the kids are home from school or pre-school they know they need to bring me their lunch boxes from their bag. As soon as they're cleaned out, I re-load them and put them in the fridge where the kids then know they need to come and collect them and put them in their bag the next morning. If I don't get to do this at that moment, I generally do it before I go to bed. That way, even if I'm slow to start the next day, I know the kids can get their lunch out and pack it with no fuss.

4. Lay out breakfast.

I have to admit, breakfast is something I have struggled with when it comes to my two kids. I don't like buying cereal because for the nutritional value, they may as well eat the box it came in. The first thing my kids have every day when they wake is a banana or apple, something they can help themselves to. I then will get up and make the porridge with chia or something like eggs that is protein packed to keep them going all day. But on days or sometimes weeks where we are all tired and things aren't running so smoothly, making cereal (something not too sugary) easily accessible so they can get their own breakfast makes morning complaints less and time taken to get ready speeds up.

If you're kids are littler - say around 4 and up - pour their cereal in the bowl the night before and pop it on the table covered in glad wrap. Allocate them their own special little milk jug in the fridge with just enough for one serve to avoid over-pouring and food wasting. It will allow them to have some independence and at the same time, save your sanity.

5. Create a morning checklist

For bigger kids, it can be words - for little kids - pictures. If they have a checklist of what to do every morning, they can't say they didn't know they had to do it!

Now, I don't always get this right, but I can easily recognise that being a little more organised means a lot less stress in the mornings.

The best place I've found for hints, tips and motivation for how to get organised like this and beyond is from my friend Marissa over at Beautifully Organised. I recently attended on of her Busy Mum's workshops and although I had already started this journey to calming our morning's, the things I learned at the workshop really affirmed what I was already doing and gave me new ideas on how to really succeed at creating stress free starts to my days!

Make sure you pop on over and visit her blog or sign up to her Facebook page for more ideas and motivation... don't forget to tell her I sent you!

And finally - be flexible. If it doesn't happen like this for you, find your own groove. And if it's doesn't happen right away, keep calm, carry on, think BIG and start small ;)

Monday, 3 March 2014

HCG Protocol - New Year, New Habits, NEW HEALTH!

How's everyone feeling in this New Year that seems to be flying by?

Autumn has begun and soon it will be winter and we'll be back into layering and feeling a tad bler because of all the winter warmer comfort food ;)

Now for me, this isn't so much an issue as I'm growing bigger and bigger every day with bubba number three kicking me in the ribs ;) But for some of you, you still haven't recovered from the Christmas/Holiday season and your body isn't thanking you for it!

Why not take another look at the HCG protocol?

Just yesterday I ran into my beautiful friend Sarai who inspired me to start the protocol in the first place and she looks AMAZING! She has now lost a total of 44kgs and I could not be prouder of this woman who has taken her life in to her own hands and committed to living healthier, happier and more positively. She's always been a gorgeous soul, but now she has this energy and zest for life that I had not seen in her before!

HCG protocol is all about changing the way you think about food. It's about recognising that by nourishing our bodies with the foods that they were designed to digest, causes it to respond happily, instead of sluggishly. It's about eating REAL food and not the manufactured crap that the big marketing companies want as to believe is good for us (think low fat, no fat, gut regulating, no sugar, blah blah blah).

Why not take a look at some of my earlier posts about my HCG journey here. Not only did I lose a total of 13kgs, my fertility was boosted (hello baby number three!), my skin is clear, my muscles stopped aching, my belly stopped hurting, my bowel was normal (ewww I know - TMI!) and my thoughts and heart became much clearer - it impacts so many areas of your life!

And if you'd like to jump right in and get started on changing your life today then click on the link to my SHOP and get your HCG Protocol Complete Pack - it has everything you need to move into a happier and healthier way of life in 2014 and beyond.

Think BIG. Start small.

Thursday, 27 February 2014


It doesn't just have to be on the 27th of February.


Shine a light on slavery in your own community. 27 million. That's 27 million too many.

Think BIG. Start small.